Welcoming the Joys of Parenthood

24 April 2014

It seems that every time I pick up a magazine or newspaper at the moment another celebrity couple has announced the news that they are expecting the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

There are so many celebrities preparing this summer for the arrival of their new, little bundles of joy - from Lily Allen, Kimberley Stewart and Jodie Kidd, to of course the possibly most anticipated new-born of them all - the Beckhams' first baby girl.

Preparing for a new baby can be just as daunting for any parent-to-be as it is exciting. While most pregnancies are usually filled with anticipation for many families, there is often an element of apprehension as the big day approaches. 

But while A-list mums-to-be plan their nurseries, pick out their prams and choose the perfect baby name, there is one element which most of them definitely won't be worrying about - money.

It's been estimated that the average family spends approximately £9,400 in a baby's first year alone - and by the time the baby reaches the age of 21 it's thought that parents will have spent over £210,000.

These figures may be a drop in the ocean for celebrities who reportedly earn £500,000 a week playing football or who have a rock star dad worth an estimated £100million, but they are significant sums of money for the rest of us.

Who can blame parents-to-be for feeling anxious as they tot up each new baby-related purchase? Putting the initial spends aside - no one can fully prepare a new mum or dad for how life-changing a baby can be. As there is so much to think about everyday tasks like paying the utility or credit card bill can easily slip to the back of the mind.

In the grand scheme of things a missed payment here and there may not seem like a big deal but at a time when every penny is precious, charges for late-payments can seriously start to eat into the 'baby fund' or, in the worst case scenario, may impact on credit ratings.

Everyone wants to give their child the very best start in life, and while getting the finances in check well before giving birth won't suddenly create a celebrity-style bank balance it will help provide some peace of mind so new mums and dads can concentrate completely on being the proud parents of their new number one priority - followed very closely by trying to get some rest.

Any Northumberland resident concerned about financial issues can access free face-to-face support from the Citizens Advice drop-in service at Morpeth's Tower Buildings, for opening times or alternatively for free telephone advice contact the Northumberland advice line on 0844 4111 309.