Brighter Days Bring Brighter Moods

16 April 2014

No one can deny that over the previous few weeks we have had some fantastic weather to help bolster our moods. And who can blame anyone for being pleased to see the sun after such a gloom and difficult winter?

The spring and summer months offer a light at the end of a very long, dark and cold tunnel. Good weather and longer days can have an unbelievable effect on people's frame of minds with many feeling much more relaxed and care-free over the lighter months.

In the lead-up to the summer, often the most exciting aspect is planning and looking forward to the annual summer holiday - the two weeks of the year where we can do exactly as we please.

But along with helping to lift spirits, the onset of summer can also entice many to hit the shops and there are hundreds of ways to spend a fortune at this time of year.

Whether looking for the perfect summer outfit or sprucing up the garden in time for barbecue season, it's easy to be tempted to start planning the perfect outdoor space - and the clothes to match. Endless sales and price reductions on everything from paddling pools to garden furniture don't help.

Although many are still working from restricted budgets, shoppers may convince themselves that if they buy an item now they'll get the full summer out of it in order to justify the purchase. But as the cost of holidays, brand-new clothes, family days out and redesigning the garden all add up - people may actually be slipping further into debt.

So to help cover the costs of purchases consumers may turn to credit to delay payments and help foot the bill, whether its credit cards, store cards or pay day loans all must be handled extremely careful to prevent debts from escalating.

Credit may initially feel like the best solution to cover payments but interest will soon mount up, even on small purchases, and can lead to further problems so always think things through thoroughly before paying with plastic.

Northumberland residents worried about debt or other financial matters can contact DAWN Advice for free support and legal advice by contacting the county's advice line on 0844 4111 309.